Gas Groups
The solutions with GAS begin to be imposed, mainly for three reasons:
The cost of diesel engines due to quality certifications demanded by governments from manufacturers.
The general upward trend in diesel prices, more pronounced than in gas prices.
And above all because GAS is much more respectful of the environment, which increasingly influences consumers’ purchasing decisions.

The general upward trend in diesel prices is more pronounced than in gas prices, and finally, GAS is much more environmentally friendly, which increasingly influences the purchase decision of consumers.
GRUPO CASLI has a wide range of propane generators with KUBOTA engine for smaller powers, up to 30 kVas, and with PSI (POWER SOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL) engine for higher powers, up to 400 kVas.
Open, soundproofed groups for emergency use, continuous operation, on the island or in parallel with other groups, GRUPO CASLI has the most appropriate solution for your business.

Natural Gas

Between 10 and 400 kVA
Gas gensets

Propane Gas

Between 10 and 100 kVA
Gas gensets
Explain your energy need and we will propose the best solution!

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